Secure Backup automatically backs up your music, videos, photos, documents and other files online and makes them accessible from anywhere. Now you can view everything on your computer from your Android, IPhone,Ipad and Tablets computers.

It does not matter how many files you have, with Secure Data Online you can access your data anywhere. Your data is securely stored at dedicated data centres using the latest encryption technology. You will be able to see all of your data by signing into our secure Web Portal site anywhere. Secure Data Online is backing up your data at all times (Internet Connection Needed) , so you don’t have to worry if you put a foot wrong.


Completely Secure

secureYour files are protected, and only you can access the data. Your data is securely transferred via a high SSL connection and it is stored at the latest Data Centres using 256-bit Encryption technology. Giving you online photo storage as well as online file storage in one password protected place, So you can make sure that your important files are safe at all times.



Easy to Install

easysetupOur easy to use software is quick to install, the defaults are your Documents, Pictures and Music, you can select other files and folders within your computer, it will work automatically in the background to backup everything on that computer online. Nothing to manage, nothing to worry about. If you still need help, then we can do a Secure Remote session linking up to your PC, setting up everything for you.



Unlimited Backup

unlimitedThere is no limit to the amount of data you can save. Secure Data Online monitors your files as you work, and backs them up as soon as they are saved, there is no need to remember to back up.


Easy Restore

easyOur easy to use Restore Program allows our users to complete or partial restore of your data



What you need to know

Your mobile phone company will charge you for accessing our service if you exceed your monthly data allowance. We advise that you use a tariff that includes Internet access allowances.

  • Secure Remote connection to get you up and running
  • Easy Monthly Subscription ( 30 Day notice Cancellation policy)
  • 90 Day minimum contract applies
  • Unlimited Backup Storage for your computers – Secure Briefcase 512Gig
  • Fully automatic backup, Total piece of mind, 24 hour email support