Our computers store all sorts of personal and important files for us. We use our computers for work, entertainment and learning, which means we build up a library of files that we cannot afford to lose. What would happen if your computer failed, or was lost or stolen? Do you have a backup of your precious files, folders, music, emails, videos and photos? Now you can have all these backed up safely and securely with Secure Data On Line. Take a look at our packages, Secure backup starts for £4.49 per month and covers unlimited data.
All of your videos streamed straight to your IPhone/IPod/IPad 1&2, Android Phones/Tablets you don’t even have to covert them in anyway whatsoever.

Your files are protected, and only you can access the data. So you can make sure your important files are safe at all times.

The Secure Briefcase is like having another Hard Drive on your computer, the good thing about having this extra drive, means whatever you put into your Briefcase, your files will be synchronised online with all of your computers. Now you can access all of your data in the same place across all of your computers. This is only available with Secure Briefcase Package. Maximum Storage is 512 G

You will be able to see all of your data by signing into a secure Web Portal anywhere in the world. Secure Data Online is backing up your data all the time, so you don’t have to worry if you put a foot wrong.