10 Reasons For Online Storage Data Protection

The loss of data could happen at any time, to anyone. Whether a home computer user or a large company on a computer network, data protection is a must for preserving files that would be difficult to replace or protecting data that contains sensitive information. All too often we hear of companies that have had their data compromised for some reason or another. Here are ten strong reasons why data protection is paramount:

1. Hard drive or server crashes.
2. Fire, flood, or other site disaster destroys files.
3. Files are misplaced.
4. Files or magnetic tape backups are stolen.
5. Computer hard drive or laptop is stolen.
6. Files are accidentally deleted.
7. Software or magnetic tape backup malfunction damages or corrupts files.
8. Virus corrupts files.
9. Power surge damages data.
10. Employee dishonesty

Benefits Of Online Storage Data Protection

Online storage services are designed first and foremost to securely store and protect data. All types of documents, financial records, photos, videos, music and media can be protected from a computer crash or a natural catastrophe through online storage. Online storage data protection provides a redundant solution that is much more cost effective and reliable than most offsite file backup options. Here are other benefits that data protection through an online storage service provides:

* Data is protected on multiple servers in a highly secured facility. In fact, online backup is considered the most secure form of data protection.

* Protected data can be accessed online at any time.

* You can protect individual files, specific folders or an entire system, including operating system, applications and configuration information.

* Online storage services include a centralized management feature where you can set protocols for backing up work files or restricting access to inactive files.

Choosing Data Protection That’s Right For You

While all online storage services offer data protection, plans vary according to the features and amount of storage space offered. Here are things to consider when choosing an online storage service for data protection:

* How many files need to be protected? This will help determine how much storage space you need and compare online storage service plans versus price.

* How often will you need to access stored files? If you are using online storage to simply archive files you no longer use but need to keep, a basic online storage service may suffice. But if you need to work on stored files daily, an online storage service that offers features like mobile access and file synchronization would best meet your needs.

* How secure do your files need to be? All online storage services use numerous layers of security measures. But if your data protection needs require even greater security to protect sensitive information, look for online storage services that offer various encryption options.